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The German Dressmaker

A WWII Historical novel

Author: Susan Shalev

301 Pages

eBook Pro Publishing

ISBN 9798389851719

Reviewed by Jennia Ganit Chodorov

A timely encounter of two star-crossed souls in an ungodly time of Hitler's rise to power in 1937 Germany recounts the ominous atmosphere and threatening surroundings in a palpable manner that can raise hairs of fear.

Lily, a gorgeous redhead with porcelain skin and a talent for dressmaking meets Heinrich, the imposing German officer with illustrious eyes in dubious circumstances when he rescues her from a brawling pub.

He helps her find a job and save her from destitution while courting her sporadically between long maneuvers.

When sinister circumstances pose a direct threat to their lives, they manage to escape but are shipwrecked and lost to each other for many years. Each slowly and tentatively tries to rebuild a new life. The sorrow at the loss of love and hope is an uphill battle. Lily succeeds in rekindling her dreams of dressmaking through menial jobs and at last unique opportunities open before her. Heinrich manages to make a meaningful contribution to the English war effort through the Army.

Inspired partly by true events, one gets a feel of the authenticity in local descriptions, which add to the depth of the book. This is a memorable, emotionally impacting story of a true love cut short by war and racism, as Heinrich is Jewish and their liaison is forbidden by the Nuremberg Laws.

Definitely a recommended and memorable read.



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Wednesday, 19 June 2024

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