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Team Tel Aviv Triumphs in Quiz

Having fun: Members of the Herzliya team taking part in the ESRA National Quiz

Once again the ESRA National Quiz was an amazing success. Each year seems to be better than the last. The different branches ranging from Naharyia to Eilat were so excited to be involved which is what it's really all about.

Twenty-one teams took part and that was after three had to drop out due to unforeseen circumstances. So next year I am hoping for 24 teams.

Congratulations to the winning team - Tel Aviv team Tali Aloni won with 110 points out of 111.

Many thanks go to Jacki and David Shulman for creating the many diverse questions for the Quiz. Even though some of the questions were quite difficult the results did show that the ESRA community is very clever indeed. All in all it was a fun night for everyone.

Thank you to all the hosts and quizmasters for helping to create such a fun evening.

Some of those at Tal Aloni on their way to victory

Compliments from around the regions 

I also had a great time and learnt a lot. Telling everyone about "Baghdad and New Delhi".

Many thanks for organizing a great quiz. Maybe we could have a comedy evening about our wrong answers. Still not sure about Kenya.

Michelle Sonnenberg - Eilat

One of the most enjoyable quiz nights I've attended.

I agree 100%! It was the best fun I've had in weeks.

Caroline Ben-Ari - Karmiel

We appreciate all the hard work and effort that Glenis and her helpers put into this annual event, and showed our appreciation by sharing another drink.

Harry Hiller - Haifa

We had a good time. Particularly enjoyed the cryptic cities. Kol hakavod to whoever did that.

Thanks for an enjoyable evening.

Peta Singer - Degania Bet

We had a fun night and came in 13th place. Jeanette Rink commented on our Facebook page, "the fun and the great community spirit were more important than the score!"

Linda Saunders - Naharyia

Thank you Tel Aviv group, for sharing this fun evening with us, and contributing to the winning score! You did amazingly and I had a great evening with you.See you all next time.

Tal Aloni – Tel Aviv

We all had a lot of laughs and especially enjoyed the Dingbats quiz.

Thank you for the organization of the event.

Mimi Daniely - Herzliya

Congratulations to Tel Aviv. We had a fun evening and that is the main thing. Well done to Glenis and her team of hard workers for putting the evening together.

Adele Hunter - Raanana

Mazel tov on an excellent result for the Tel Aviv team and overall for ESRA National.

Evelynne Cherny - ESRA Modiin

Mazel tov on an excellent result for the Tel Aviv team and overall for ESRA National.

Evelynne Cherny - ESRA Modiin

Well everyone knows Netanya shines bright! Well done. It was such a lovely evening – Mike at his best, delicious food and lots of fun. Thanks to all the organizers.

Nina Zuck - Netanya

All we oldies had a great evening. There were 21 of us and can't wait for the 2020 Quiz. We didn't do very well – probably came last – but who cares!

Cynthia Shapiro – Protea Village


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Saturday, 30 September 2023

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