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Enthusiastic Comments about ESRA's Trip to the Music Festival in Eilat

The group of ESRA members waiting for the return journey

From Fonda Dubb, Eilat

Having fond memories from the previous year, I was off to enjoy yet another incredible experience at the ESRA national trip to the Isrotel ClassiCameri Music Festival in Eilat.

The pleasure for me is that it requires no traveling as I live 10 minutes away from the Lagoona Hotel. The deal was inclusive of all meals including teas and drinks and ice-cream.

It was wonderful reconnecting with the ESRA people from a year ago and meeting new friends from all over Israel.

Excellent food was served and compliments to the staff who were very helpful with their assistance, as well as the caring team at reception.

The Wow Theater, where the concerts were held, was very conveniently situated across the road from the hotel. The assistance I received with seating from Laure and her team from the Wow Theatre was very much appreciated. I enjoyed very much the beautiful receptions prepared by the Pastry Chef of the Royal Gardens that were served before the shows and were supervised by Daniel Wisnovitz, the Assistance Manager, and Shani, the Manager of the Royal Gardens Hotel. The shows, (I saw 12 of the 15 performances), were of an exceptionally high standard and very varied. The Symphonetta Orchestra from Raanana under the baton of David Sebba was world-class. The final Gala Performance was Gold Class. And judging by the standing ovations given to the concert I wasn't the only one shouting "Encore".

What talent we have in this country from a pianist as young as 19 to an 80-year-old violinist performing in the orchestra of 50. Music has no limit on age and I was thrilled with hearing melodious tunes from operas which I remembered my father singing when I was a child.

Hats off to Glenis Bertfield and her husband Lawrence and to Barbara and Stephen Kliner for organizing this wonderful treat.

I'll be back next year. I'm sure you'll have a much larger crowd of Eilatees next year.

Congratulations ESRA.

From Esther and Gerry Iron, Kfar Saba

Well done what a team! No problem seemed to be a problem. Take the rest of the week off - you've earned it.

From Etty and Jeffrey Philips, Herzliya

Glenis, you and Lawrence are to be commended. You both did a great job with your attentiveness, enthusiasm and general assistance. Kol Hakavod. You helped in making this great trip a success – thanks.

From Selma Rackner, Ramot Hashavim

Thank you to all the organizers and also to all the "hevra" who contributed to the friendly atmosphere.

From Helen and Roby Osimo, Haifa

The ESRA weekend was a fabulous oasis in the current national wilderness. So refreshing. Thanks so much, Barbara, Glenis, and their hubs for the wonderful organization.

From Lynn Ross, Hofit

Did anyone have the nerve to weigh themselves today? I did. Up 2kg. Another sign that it was a successful trip.

From Shelly and Danny Kaufman, Haifa

Barbara and Stephen, Glenis and Lawrence, thank you so much for all your hard work that resulted in a simply wonderful time.

From Roz and Bish Ben Henry, Netanya

We too had a wonderful time and really appreciate the smooth organization of Barbara and Stephen and Glenis and Lawrence. It just made a perfect weekend even more perfect.

The event will take place again next year and we are waiting for the dates. 



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Wednesday, 19 June 2024

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