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Raanana Youth Volunteer With ESRA

Chaim Broyde, Mayor of Raanana, awards to Anat Schifter from the ESRA office and Danielle Rosenstein, a volunteer in ESRA’s Charity Shop, a Certificate of Appreciation for ESRA’s contribution to the community in the 2021 – 2022 academic year

ESRA operates two secondhand shops for the community, one in Raanana and one in Kfar Saba. As part of our social impact benefiting the community, these shops provide employment for people with special needs, and scholarships for students in exchange for their work in the shops. ESRA is now registered with the Raanana Municipality as a volunteering option for Raanana high school students, who are required to engage in volunteering in the community as part of the city's "Personal Commitment" project.

The Raanana Municipality gathered all the organizations involved in the city's volunteer activities for a day of training, guidelines, and recognition. ESRA was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by Raanana Mayor Chaim Broyda, highlighting ESRA's contribution to promoting volunteerism in the city, for involving youth in activities for the benefit of the community, and for working to promote recycling and sustainability.

The training day provided the organizations with guidelines and instructions for receiving high school students who choose them for their volunteering activity during the coming academic year.

ESRA involves its youth volunteers in activities focused on sustainability, ethics and mutuality, as part of their volunteer work in the shops. We are proud of the recognition we receive and continue to work for the benefit of the community.



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Friday, 21 June 2024

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