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ESRA War Effort Report

ESRA’s Picki Shop’s goods delivered to evacuated families in hotels of December 1, 2023 

An Akko child’s greeting for a soldier, hoping for peace

"Over the past month, you have provided support and financial assistance to many olim, enabling them to purchase food, pay rent, purchase medications, etc. Thank you from the bottom of their hearts for your support. Your commitment has been unwavering, and with your support, you have definitely breathed life into families. May you go from strength to strength and continue with your blessed, good deeds."
Racheli Shmuel Saban, Social Worker, 'Klita Mitiva' Project Ashdod-Ashkelon Region, Ministry of Aliya and Klita

The phrase 'ביחד ננצח' (together we will win) is prominently displayed on nearly every wall, greets us on every bus, and adorns bulletin boards. It is a constant reminder of what we already know - the incredible power of a community.

The ESRA community is no exception.

Your commitment has been unwavering, and with your support, from October 7th until today, ESRA has engaged 12,700 English speakers with activities and services and provided 220 families affected by the war with an emergency lifeline of NIS 390,000. In addition, over 1,000 trained ESRA volunteers continue to be active in the community, helping the evacuees with the difficulties of the day-to-day tasks. This includes our 600 Education and Teacher Support volunteers, who go to hotels and evacuation centers, help children learn English, and hold enrichment and relief activities while providing online curriculum-based programs for children learning from home.

ESRA's personal support services offer Zoom and in-person meetings to assist in dealing with emotional challenges and strengthening resilience. We've made over 3,500 reach-out calls, checking on and providing personal support. An 86-year-old immigrant with no family in Israel, shared with our volunteer, 'I so look forward to seeing you. You are my social life.' Meanwhile, during a workshop focused on managing stress and anger, a teenage evacuee expressed motivation to reconnect with her friends in Ashkelon.

We have been working hand in hand with official social workers, Ministry of Education inspectors, and Aliyah coordinators from the very beginning of the war. We thank our partners for their work around the clock, helping us navigate ESRA's war efforts to the right places and people.

The strength of our community has shone brighter than ever. Each and every one of you is doing the best you can to help. We take pride in our accomplishments, but much work still needs to be done. We examine our projects and activities to ensure their relevance and effectiveness in a changing reality and recognize that even in the darkest times, there is an opportunity to reshape the strategic landscape in which we operate and emerge as a significantly stronger community.

As the country is currently returning to some daily routine, we at ESRA are reactivating volunteer activities and educational and welfare projects, customizing them to better meet the current needs of our communities.

Picki by ESRA - Secondhand & Vintage shops in Raanana and Kfar Saba serve as a social hub for people of all ages, including scholarship students, individuals with special needs from Beit Ekstein, local high school teens, and both new and veteran immigrants,, all coming together to contribute to Israeli society.

The new Hebrew online shop swiftly delivers items across Israel, recycling all donations to support education and welfare projects and assist new immigrants.. One of our UK volunteers who made Aliyah 8 years ago says, 'It's fun, rewarding, and a great way to meet people while supporting ESRA's work.' You can also visit our Secondhand bookshops in Modiin and Raanana, where our volunteers create an inviting environment for you to stop by, chat, and pick up a book.

ESRA's social and cultural groups are starting to get together in person to network, gain relief, enrichment, and find professional and social opportunities. Most live events were canceled, but some ESRA interest groups continued to meet in safe spaces like in Haifa and Tel Aviv.

While we cannot list all our efforts, please know that our community provides invaluable strength and relief not only to each other but also to broader populations. With your continued support, we eagerly anticipate brighter days ahead, demonstrating that "ביחד ננצח" - together, we will triumph. 

SBC Netanya students working with children from Sderot
Tutoring Akko schoolchildren helping them with their Hebrew


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