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Praise for ESRA at Graduation Ceremony

Harry Hiller chatting with School Counselor Savit and some students who were helped by ESRA

ESRA Haifa attended the graduation ceremony at Kfar HaNoar Hadati school in Kfar Hassidim. We have a joint project at the school with the Talia Trust, to help with special education for pupils who have been assessed as requiring extra help with their education. ESRA Haifa donated 10,000 shekels to pay for a special teacher for this purpose.

ESRA members Lee Freeman, Joanna Ben Yehuda, my wife Marion and I travelled together to the school and found our reserved seating in the large open courtyard at the entrance to the school. The area was crowded with the parents and siblings of the students who were about to graduate. At 7pm we were treated to a hot meat buffet meal on the lawns sitting under the trees where tables had been set up with tablecloths, plates, cutlery and glasses.

There was a lit-up stage with several microphones. After the short welcome speech, two students acted as Masters of Ceremony and there followed several more short speeches by the Headmaster, the Manager of the village, the Manager of the Boarding School, and a few other important educators. In between all this there was also light entertainment. Some of the Israeli Russian girls did a traditional dance, and later some of the Israeli Ethiopian graduates performed a very interesting Ethiopian shoulder dance. They were beautifully dressed in black trousers, white shirts, black bow ties, and polished black shoes. 

Entertainment by the Israeli Russian girls who performed a traditional dance

Three students received prizes for outstanding Bagrut results and all the graduates received their end-of-year graduation reports. All the teachers and school staff were then called to the stage and received flowers and thanks from the students. The evening ended in a very warm and friendly atmosphere.

We sat next to Maurice and Marilyn Hyman, the Founders and Managers of the Talia Trust, and we were all happy to hear, during the speeches, that thanks were given to ESRA and Talia Trust for the donations and help and feedback we had given to the school during the year.



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Tuesday, 06 December 2022

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