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A Gentle Hug

A gentle hug is all we need to keep our love

To give us strength

To feel the ice

Melting softly

Into the ground

To melt away the pain

To melt away our anger

To melt away all negativity

So we can rejoice in life

All that we receive in life

With gratitude and praise to GD

And say Amen

For the tingly feelings

We experience

From a gentle hug

Which lifts us off the ground

To another world

Of love

Which helps us to forgive

And feel the love from a gentle hug

That lifts us off our feet

To regain our strength

To imagine all the beauty

And feelings from a dear and trusted friend

To feel the heart beat

From a

Gentle loving hug

How splendid and uplifting it is

To feel two hearts beating together


A gentle hug

From a dear and trusted friend

A granddaughter

A grandson

Or a family hug

What a wonderful way to share our silence together

Eyes closed

No Words

With just

A Simple

Gentle hug. 



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Saturday, 20 July 2024

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