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Two of Us

How can I be another me

On the outside I'm another me

On the inside I deal with many issues

How can I transmit the feelings that I feel to the real me

How can they be so remote from each other

And yet

Not even touch each other

It's like looking at a dark grey sky

at the end of the day

and waking up to the sun

streaming through the windows

What makes up these complexities I wonder

How can we be so unmatched.

Am I alone I wonder

with my failings,

with my feelings

How could this be that the two of us are me!

I really want to cry and weep,

and pray that it doesn't stain

the other me

like grape juice

on a rainy day

It baffles me to think

so bewilderingly

that the two of us are really me!

and waking up 



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Tuesday, 28 May 2024

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