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What Our Parents Think - Studying at Reichman University

The Osrin family, with Mia and Aaron, from Herzlia High School, Cape Town. Mia finished her BA in Communications and Aaron is in his first year of Computer Science

Over 100 South African students began their studies at the Raphael Recanati International School in October of 2021. With COVID-19 restrictions eased, the academic year began with our annual Orientation week where we welcomed more than 800 international first year students on campus. With 9 undergraduate degrees and 11 graduate degrees offered in English, state-of-the-art laboratories and research institutes, students are also able to enjoy a diverse range of extracurricular activities.

Jonathan Davis
Stephanie Miller

 The Raphael Recanati International School (RRIS) places an emphasis on an individual approach to all students. According to Jonathan Davis, head of the RRIS and Reichman University's Vice President for External Relations, "The quality of life on campus, and the personal approach we take towards our students and their parents are what make the difference at our university. We pride ourselves on our tender loving care approach.

It was always a dream to make it possible for overseas students to be able to complete degrees in the English language and not to require psychometric exams, which some believe are culturally biased. The South African matriculation is a much more reliable metric for us and the fact, that for example, we have 120 South Africans, not to mention 600 North Americans and 80 British students studying for full degrees, is a Zionist accomplishment.

We spoke to some of the families of our South African students to learn about their reasons for choosing Reichman University.

 Nicki Wingerin, from Cape Town and mother of Ashleigh Wingerin, a first-year Business and Economics student, said "Ashleigh wanted a more diverse experience of education and people. She was ready to leave home and see the bigger picture. Ashleigh felt it was important to be in Israel surrounded by people who had the same values she did. She also wanted the diversity that an international university would offer and she wanted to study in English. For these reasons Reichman University was perfect, as it ticked all these boxes".

"We applied during Coronavirus times, with a large additional load of paperwork required. However the staff were amazing, patient and so willing to help."

The Wingerin family, with Ashleigh, from Herzlia High, Cape Town studying Business and Economics

According to Cindy Moritz from Cape Town, the possibility of studying at Reichman University gave her two children, Melissa and Dan, the option to explore life in Israel, as well as to be exposed to other communities and cultures. Melissa finished her service in the IDF and is in her first year studying Psychology and Dan, is in his second year in the Communications faculty.

"We liked the hybrid of English instruction in an Israeli context and saw Reichman University as a great conduit to future opportunities in Israel. The campus is also green and vibrant, not too big and not too small, well situated in Herzliya, and we felt a great energy among the students each time we visited. For us, it was a pull rather than a push factor."

Yakira and Gadi Shepard, graduated from King David school in Johannesburg. Yakira completed her BA in Communications and Gadi is in his first year of Psychology
Dan and Melissa Moritz, from Herzlia High School, Cape Town, studying Communications and Psychology
Adam Abro, from Crawford College, JHB, together with his girlfriend Jemma Diamond from Herzlia High School, Cape Town. Adam is studying Computer Science and Jemma is studying Entrepreneurship and Computer Science

 Gita and Jonny Osrin's daughter Mia, from Cape Town, recently completed her degree in Communications and will soon enlist in the IDF. Their son Aaron has begun his first year studies in Computer Science at Reichman University. "We wanted a campus life experience for our kids, which we found at Reichman University. We also strongly believed that the growth experience of leaving home and studying abroad was invaluable. Our kids have gained so much by living away from home, yet the small campus and attentive team at the International School helped us feel secure in the knowledge that our children are in good hands."

Luanne Abro's son Adam, from Johannesburg, has chosen to study Computer Science and is currently in his first year.

"Being in Israel and having an instant sense of community and social support was a strong factor in his choice" explains Luanne. "Although Covid restrictions have made logistics challenging, the staff were phenomenal in their assistance and support. As parents we could not be more comforted in or satisfied by the fact that our children have chosen to study at Reichman University."

For Loren Shepard, whose two children both studied at Reichman University, studying in Israel was "a way of gauging whether it would be a potential place for them to live long term. It was a stepping stone to considering aliya.

"Yakira chose to study at Reichman University specifically because she wanted to study for a Communications degree. Gadi wasn't sure of his career path and decided to study Psychology as an undergraduate degree that would open potential opportunities. We have been overwhelmed by the incredible support our children have received. Both formed close connections with the academic and support staff. The facilities and the opportunities that the university offers have been evident in both the Communications and Psychology degrees." Yakira was involved with the launching of Jewish Life on Campus and we have witnessed its incredible growth. Gadi has also been involved with JLIC, attending shiurim, events and minyanim."

Stephanie Miller, Head of Admissions in the RRIS at Reichman says, "Going to South Africa every year to recruit students, meeting them and their parents, and then seeing these students studying at Reichman University, growing, maturing, and going on to becoming officers in the IDF, or working at some of the best companies worldwide, gives us a great sense of satisfaction. We see that our university is making an impact in these families' lives".

For more information on studying at Reichman University, please contact Stephanie at 972 9 960 2841, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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