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Padel: The New Game in Town

In August 2021, three padel courts were introduced to the Steele Tennis and Padel Club in Herzliya, adjacent to the Dan Accadia Hotel. Local padel players – even beginners without racquet skills - are finding that the sport is exciting, invigorating and fun.

Padel, or padel tennis, is a sport that can best be described as a cross between tennis and squash. It is easy to learn, particularly for anyone who plays tennis, and is suitable for all ages and levels. Padel is usually played in doubles and while it is fast-paced, it is more about strategy and cooperation between player and partner than it is about physical power and serving strength.

Padel is played on a court roughly 25% smaller than the size of a tennis court. The main difference is that the court has walls and the balls can be played off them as they are in the game of squash. A padel racket is made of a composite material and the surface is covered in small holes, which makes the strokes less powerful and dynamic. Padel balls are slightly softer than tennis balls, and the height of the ball being served must be at or below waist level. Scoring is the same as in regular tennis.

Padel has become particularly popular in Europe and South America. Spain, a powerhouse of tennis, now has more registered padel players than tennis players. A worldwide professional tour has already been established, with international tournaments played in many countries. In November 2021, the Padel World Championship was held in Dubai, with 12 of the top-ranked countries qualifying and competing.

The Maccabiah Games are due to take place in July 2022. Numerous requests were made to the governing body to include padel as a new sport this year. It was duly recognized and will now be included for the first time in the Maccabiah Games' schedule.

Padel is set to become a well-established sport throughout Israel over the coming years and by the time the next Maccabiah Games takes place, it could even rival tennis in providing the largest number of competitors at the games in any sport. In addition to the courts in Herzliya, the game is currently played outdoors in Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan. The Steele Tennis and Padel Club considers it very important to add an international component to all its activities and now looks to take the lead in promoting and developing padel throughout Israel.

Accadia Tennis Club
100 Ramot Yam Steet, Herzliya Pituach
To book a court: Tel. 09 951 3045
The club is open 07:00 - 22:00 all week except
Fridays and holiday eves until sundown.



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