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Summer Scavenger Hunt 2023 – Photo Competition

Bernard Olsburgh – First Place in Just Two Colors

By Linda Easton-Saunders and Julian Alper

Linda Easton-Saunders of ESRA Nahariya arranged a photo competition in conjunction with ESRA Camera Club North. It began in July and ran through the summer until September just before Rosh Hashanah. Participants were invited to submit photographs in various categories and the participants then voted for the best photos in each category.

Below is a selection of some of the best photos. There were 18 registrants of whom12 submitted pictures for a total of 54 photographs that were judged by the registrants. The most popular categories were Reflection and Silhouette and the least popular category was Snail's Eye View.

If you would like more information about the activities of the ESRA Camera Club North, contact Julian Alper at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Bernard Olsburgh – First Place in Just Two Colors

Bernard: "Water and abstracts are favorite subjects of mine. The shapes and patterns are never the same and each person will have their own interpretation."

Linda Easton-Saunders – First Place in Snail's Eye View

Linda: "This picture was taken in a nearby park while walking my dog. I put the phone on the ground to take this picture, pretending I was a snail looking through the leaves at the bench which must have seemed miles away to the snail."

Julian Alper – First Place in Reflection 

Julian: "I love to take photographs of Israel's wonderful flora and fauna. This bird is a purple heron that I saw in the Hula Valley, one of Israel's favorite sites for nature lovers. The heron was creeping towards a fish and no doubt reflecting on the lunch it was about to have."

Marcia Anouchi - Second Place in Silhouette

Marcia: "This photo is a man fishing just near the marina. It is always a calming feeling to listen to the rolling waves, look for the reflection of the sunlight on the water and the colors that appear in the sky as the sun sets." 

Victor Gallant – Second Place in Reflection

Victor: "Tall trees reflected in the lake at Raanana Park shortly before sunset." 

 Lina Filiba - Second Place in Things in Threes

Lina: "Finding Beauty Anywhere, Everywhere".



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