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Reflections on the Cliff

Photo credit: Zachi Evenor at

olive trees are turning pale,

fishing boats are set to sail.

herons wheeling,

trees are keeling

by the sea of Galilee.

scarlet red the hollyhocks,

midnight blue the basalt rocks.

azure, jade, the silent sea.

age-old tombs and mystery.

a holy gift, an offering.

the sacred springs

of Galilee.

mossy stones at water's edge.

Judas tree, the palm and sedge

where the river Jordan flows

and the north wind blows.

olive trees are turning pale

on the mountain, down the vale.

in a waking dream I see

James the son of Jebedee

and the Jewish refugee.

Isabella of Castile,

the stake. the stocks. the rope and wheel.

mossy stones at water's edge,

Judas tree, the palm and sedge

where the river Jordan flows,

and the north wind blows. 



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Sunday, 04 June 2023

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