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Readers' Reactions to New Design of ESRA Magazine


The magazine looks really great with the fresh new look. Well done to you all.
Lydia Aisenberg, Kibbutz Mishmar Haemek

I love the new layout of the latest ESRA Magazine, it definitely has a new look and feel to it.
Glenis Bertfield, Raanana

Mazel tov on the new look magazine. It is a huge step up from the previous layout. It looks fresh, younger and more with it. Congratulations to the team who put it together.
Evelynne Cherny, Modiin

Congratulations on the new style Magazine. It looks really good - nice to have an uplift occasionally.
Frankie Cronin, Lavon

How beautiful the new look of the Magazine is. The 206 cover itself is praiseworthy - it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I do so like the new set up. A job well done and one that deserves a BIG compliment. You truly are amazing and a wonderful example of how to continue thinking and living TODAY in such a positive and creative way. You are a shining example of how to find new ways to create improvement all around and to be "up-beat". You are worthy of admiration.
Inge David, Herzliya

Congratulations on the excellent Rosh Hashanah magazine in the impressive new format.
Judy Fisher, Herzliya

I loved how clean, bright and modern it looks. It must've been such a challenge pulling together such diverse content and making it look cohesive but you totally pull it off. Love the color palette and layout.
Tanya Freedman, London

The magazine in the new format is very nice as was the content. A big improvement (although it was OK before).
Adele Hunter, Raanana

I congratulate you on the 'new look' magazine which continues to grow from strength to strength – kol hakavod!
Stephen Kliner, Netanya

I have just paged through the re-styled elegant and very attractive ESRA Magazine #206. How inspiring that after so many editions you still have the vision and willingness to re-event yourself in this way. Chapeaux!
Lola Katz, Ramat Hasharon

I love the look of our new magazine and kudos to you. It is softer and welcoming.
Maddy Levine, Raanana

The ESRA Magazine's new style, new look, is absolutely a delight. It is very esthetically pleasing and elegant as well. Whoever is doing the new design, kol hakavod and thank you. Your work is wonderful.
Nili Marcia, Karmiel

I want to compliment you on the new format and layout. My disappointment and only complaint (and the complaint of all our packers) is "Why such a dull cover for Rosh Hashanah"? Why can't we have a cover relating to every special Chag? The Pesach issue cover was great.
Rika Meyerowitz, Netanya

Congratulations on your beautiful upgrade to the ESRA Magazine. It now looks as though it belongs in the 21st century, and is very attractive and not horridly crowded as before. When I was reading bits late one night, I realized that I had to make more effort...though I was quite tired at the time. But I love the use of 'white space' and colors.
Rosemary Rivlin, Australia

From the first sight of the latest issue of the magazine, with the elegant cover featuring the striking sculpture of Jeanne Kidd, it was clear that there have been changes afoot. And what significant changes! I would like to congratulate you, Merle, your Editorial Board and all the many, excellent and varied contributors. It was not only the 'look' of the cover but the whole fresh layout of the magazine, your warm and encompassing message, that of the Chairman of ESRA and the entertaining, enlightening and wide-ranging content. The coverage of both current times and issues as well as historic events and memories of our nation and country is truly remarkable and inspiring. Thanks to you and the entire team for bringing us a publication of such consistently high quality.
Juliet Rostowsky, Tel Aviv

The September 2020 ESRA Magazine was a delight to receive - from its elegant cover sporting Jeanne Kidd's sculpture, to its varied and interesting contents. Thanks for your wonderful work and dedication to ESRA.
Jill Sadowsky, Ramat Hasharon

I like the new graphics of the magazine. Is there any way to spice up the font?
Gill Teicher, Tel Aviv

I love the new look for the magazine. It's younger, more dynamic and personal.
Liz Trakeniski, Netanya

The new magazine is one of the best ever - congratulations. The format and the articles are all superb. I don't know how you do it.
Sharyn Weizman, Herzliya

I was very impressed with the new magazine format. I like it. It is very sophisticated, very upbeat and easy to read in addition to being very classy with a wide range of articles and advertisements. The pictures are vibrant and enhance the text, what quality. The variety subject matter introduced is first-rate with something for everyone. Great job – once again makes me proud to be part of ESRA!
Terry Shlomo, Ramat Aviv

I want to congratulate the publishers of the latest ESRA Magazine #206.The new uncluttered format is a definite improvement. The light colors (green) used in the text is difficult to read in artificial light.
Adrian Wolff, Ramat Hasharon

The magazine is terrific! What a new modern look. It's great. Mazaltov. You are amazing.
Nina Zuck, Netanya


I nearly cried, personally and professionally, when I received the new ESRA Magazine. What happened to the earlier festive and colorful easy readable and pleasant looking magazine … it is difficult to read now … the boring "new style"?
Robert Bachmann, Raanana

Will you please change back the new format of this recent version of our magazine, to its previous happier style? … Our nature of having volunteers who enjoy helping out, is closely related as to how we see ourselves working in a less formal style of presentation. This latest format reminds me of the kind of journal that professional lawyers expect to share, when they have partly lost their sense of being on human terms with their clients.
David Harold Chester, Petach Tikva



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Monday, 03 October 2022

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