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Milestones 175


Graham Horwich| UK
Michele & Rubin Katz | UK
Zoe & Mark Yacoub| UK


§ Petah Tikva
Joffe Jankelowitz Insurance Agency

§ Raanana
Lani Harmati

§ Tel Mond
Meira & Jack Applebaum


§On your son
Cherie & Moshe Albucher

§ On your granddaughter
Ros & Henry Ben Esra, on Daniella
Brenda & Ron Dombey
Simon & Nicole Monk
Isabel & Phillip Morris, on Mia
Myra & Les Olswang, on Tamar
Trudy & Ian Stowe
Tamara & Geoff Tollman, on Sophia
Ed & Betty Wolfe, on Inbal

§ On your grandson
Jackie & Mark Benson
Miriam & Monty Deitcher
Suzanne Guata
Rochelle & Raphael Schiff, on Yair
David Missulawin
Irene & Israel Myron

§ On your great granddaughter
Sylvia Dombey
Audrey Goodman
Lilian & David Levy
Evelyn Sachs
Rika & Willy Meyerowitz


§ On your granddaughter
Linda Glazer, on Eden Blum
Sara & Monty Groundland
Val & Bobby Kantor, on Leigh
Thelma & Stephen Miller, Joyce &

Issy Epstein, on Aiden 

§ On your grandson
Vera & Joey Freudmann, on Natanel
Jean Kangisser
Beryl & Joel Klotnik
Ruth Taylor


§ On your daughter
Nina and Marvin Zuck, on Natalie to Gonen

§ On your son
Sally & Richard Halon, on Omer to Alona
Gillian & Lee Heron
David & Tova Kestenbaum, on Eitan to Mira

§ On your grandson
Judd & Shirley Frame
Judy & Leonard Kahn
Ed & Betty Wolfe, on Ishai to Noa

Slawa Sacks & Julian Rosenberg

§ On your daughter
Joan Weisman, on Bracha

§ On your son
Linda Glazer, on Ilan to Jo Anne Levin, on Ben to Tal
Nelly Perry

§ On your granddaughter
Meira & Jack Applebaum
Harriet & Norman Eisenberg, on Ofri to Ido

§ On your grandson
Basil & Edith Lotzof
Joan & Shimshon Frankenthal


Sara & Monty Groundland | 55th
Ruth & Eric Sobol | 50th


Malcolm Finn | 75th
Norman Geri | 75th
Chana Goldberg
Eddy Hoffman | 80th
Sydney Joffe | 80th
Sheila Katz | 90th
June Levy | 80th
Barbara Lyons
Esther Rabinowitz
Jack Rabinowitz

Evelyn Sachs | 80th 

Daphne Band
Mel Davis
Linda Isaacs


§ Michael Freund, on receiving the Moskowitz Prize for Zionism on his endless endeavors to find
hidden Jews all over the world and bring them back home.
§ Judy Maltz (Ha'aretz), on receiving the B'nai B'rith World Center Award for Journalism,
2014, for Recognizing Excellence in Diaspora Reportage, in Memory of Wolf and Hilda


§ On your husband
Pauline Borsuk, on Morris
Irene Gee, on Malcolm
Jean Kangisser, on Wolfie
Nira Nir, on Amos
Elaine Rosenberg, on Leon
Gill Roskin, on Martin

§ On your son
Leah Newstead

§ On your mother
Shoshana Berger, on Mesudah
Carol Novis, on Lil Matchan

§ On your father
Maish Isaacson, on Archie
Larry Levin, on Gerry

§ On your brother
Willy Meyerowitz, on Robert

§ On your sister
June Felton
Henry Sinai, on Linda

§ Family / friends of
Fran Flamholz
Perry Simon

Lucille Levine 



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