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Mentors-197 Enjoying a break in Jaffa

With much preparation and anticipation, we opened the year 5779 with training sessions for our students - there were moments of learning, consolidation and excitement.

Moments of learning

On the first day of the preparation program, we touched on the most important issues for action.

We learned about the correct learning strategies for children with ADHD. We learned about a supportive, joyful and optimistic attitude in our lives and our attitude towards children - a smile and support, a good word and a lot of reinforcement - all that can strengthen the children and bring about change.

We played a role-playing game that simulated a meeting of students with parents - how to dispel their fears, be attentive, turn them into partners, and strengthen mutual trust for the children.

All this in a variety of lectures accompanied by workshops.

Moments of excitement

In Nina Zuck's opening remarks, she explained how the project began 12 years ago in the Heftzibah neighborhood with six students. Since then, 1200 children have participated in the project!

Today, 40 students, who are teaching 160 children, are participating in the training sessions.

The students applauded. Nina had tears in her eyes, and so did we.

Moments of friendship and consolidation

On the second day of preparations, we made our way on a bus full of excited students to the Old City of Jaffa. Of course we were equipped with sandwiches and drinks organized by Cathy Aron, ESRA's Project Coordinator, who thinks of everything.

Against the background of the beautiful city and the blue sea, the students were divided into mixed groups from different neighborhoods. The object: "A Race to the Million."

Each group received a map and tasks to crack. In order to meet the tasks, it was necessary to cooperate and divide roles. It was hot that day, but the joy, the energies, and the human warmth that were there in abundance - overcame everything. The student bonding we were looking for was totally achieved.

For all this - thank you to Nina, Judy, Cynthia, Limor and Cathy who thought about all the details and organized two wonderful days.

It was a great start to the year and we all, students, coordinators and volunteers, feel inspired and encouraged to continue in this spirit and with these energies - for the children.

Finally, every student team builds a community.

Tamar Tal-Blum is ESRA's new coordinator for two of the Netanya projects.We wish her luck and know that she is already an important part of the team. 

Working out the clues to continue the race

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Sunday, 26 March 2023

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