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Kids Show off their Animal Skills

Keeping control of the horse (Photos: Anat Lavi)
A bird in the hand . . .

The end of year party for the "Leadership through Nature" group of children was very exciting. Fifteen children, who come from a school for special needs, took part in the event.

They took us through their learning program, showing us their achievements with the horses – how to wash them, feed them and ride them; their achievements with the dogs – training them, connecting to them and most important, teaching their younger group how to train and handle the dogs. These children, who generally cannot sit still for more than two minutes, showed so much patience, both with the animals and with their younger pupils. The joy of achievement shone through the whole morning, as did the pride in showing their parents what they can do.

During the final ceremony of speeches and certificates, the children sat still, listened and participated.

As a bystander who saw these kids at the beginning of the year, I was amazed and thrilled at the unbelievable change in them. I had been doubtful about the success of this program, but the Misholim team at the Center proved that Leadership Through Nature is a definite success. The teachers at the school totally concur. The connection between children (or adults) and animals is a special one indeed. 

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Saturday, 24 February 2024

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