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 Top Shelf

Have you noticed that sometimes when looking for something in your supermarket it is way up on a top shelf? Often it is a product that is cheaper than a similar item on a lower and more noticeable shelf. I believe this way the shop cannot claim that it does not stock this item.


My bank recently advised me that as of mid-November the cash banking department, i.e. dealing directly with clients paying in and/or drawing out money, would no longer be working, and these functions have now to be carried out via the computers which are installed in the entrance to the bank. One more up-to-date activity that I have to learn how to use.
However, my complaint to my branch is that I am a senior citizen and walk with a stick. The fact that I will be taking cash money out of the machine will be obvious to others in the closed area, and also to anyone looking in through the glass door. And how do I go about counting the money easily and quickly when I have a problem with arthritis in my fingers?
What also annoys me is the fact that to use these computers I was told I need the credit card of my bank and cannot use any of my other current credit cards.
Nearly every credit card you hold costs a monthly sum that can range from about NIS10 - NIS20. Multiply each sum by 12 and then add them all up and you will see how much the banks and credit card companies are earning from you! However, I finally found out that there is also a 'Caspomat' Card which is only for use with the computer and does not cost me another monthly sum. Wonder why no one in the bank ever told me this!

A Complaint from a Reader

The railways are demanding that pensioners have a Rav Card in order to get their discount. I was told at the Raanana West station that these cards are available in Tel Aviv and Petach Tikva. So much for encouraging us to use public transport.

Regards Tony Joffe

Hyundai – Hot Water

I had problems throwing away my old electric kettle, a Hyundai which cost me NIS65 and lasted nearly three years. I always keep a spare electric kettle at home even if it is only one with the electric bars inside the kettle itself. At the first opportunity I bought an identical Hyundai at Rami Levi for only NIS45 and recently decided I needed to throw away the "old" one. Out of curiosity, I first tried out the old with the newer electric base and guess what, the kettle worked. However, at first when retrying out the old base it did not heat, but on the second trial it did and also a few trials later. By the way, these very simple white kettles hold two liters.

Melech Ha aretz

Salt of the Earth (my translation) is the name of the fine salt I buy for the table. It comes in 1/2 kilo round containers, which are convenient to refill small salt containers, for about NIS7.90 a container and the bigger 1 kilo box size is NIS6.90! I bought once the larger round container and now refill the smaller one by using a small size funnel. (I have several different size funnels in the kitchen for refilling different materials.)


Many creams today state on the container not to be used after X number of months after opening. As it not always easy for me to keep creams and ointments in their original packaging, my problem is to remember when I opened them.
I also have complaints re the instructions that come with medications, particularly as we are told it is important to read these instructions.
1 The lettering is often far too small to read easily, and
2 The instructions on the paper sheet enclosed come in three languages, but surely it could be arranged that the two languages not required be easily removed, so that a smaller piece of paper is kept in the box. Once the instruction sheet has been opened it is not easy to refold. 



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Wednesday, 07 June 2023

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