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Optician's prices were truly eye-watering

Sometimes I feel completely helpless in understanding what I learn in the field of consumerism.

This happened to me a few weeks ago. I broke one of the lenses in my glasses. They are slightly colored lenses which I wear summer and winter. As the optician that I use is in the center of Tel Aviv and I live in Herzliya, I decided to try someone closer to home to repair the lens. Also, my husband had broken the metal frame of his reading glasses.

I found a shop that sells glasses which had been in the same place for over 25 years and they were extremely pleasant. They insisted on checking my eyesight and took all my details, name, address, ID number.

I was told that as my glasses are slightly colored against the sun I have to change both lenses and not one. Further they strongly recommended the plastic ones, which I do not want as they get scratched with me too quickly. They also told me that as my husband's frame was metal it could not be repaired but they would try to find another frame that might suit his lenses. Sounded good, and I asked to be told the cost, which I then insisted be written so as not have any confusion later. For my glasses:

Changing both lenses – colored and in plastic NIS 1,380

Changing both lenses – in glass, no mention made of color NIS 580

I carefully took back mine and my husband's glasses and said I would think about it.

I then went to my optician in Tel Aviv and asked for the same repairs and a few days later collected and paid as follows:

Repair of the metal frame of my husband's reading glasses - NIS 40 (including fitting back the lenses)

One colored glass lens in my glasses NIS 110

I think you can add up the two sums. (Maybe I should add to the bill NIS 35 for parking after 5.00 pm).

A tip when changing your TV provider

I put out a request for information regarding changing our TV provider "YES" on a few of the Yahoo groups that I belong to. One of the replies may be of interest to everyone.

"We are rather pleased with Hot though I understand that Partner is a lot cheaper. It usually helps when you ask to speak with the manager of the shift (menahel ha mishmeret) and write a letter to the head of the company. I always say: for your information this conversation is being recorded and write the name and the time of the conversation. Good luck."

Why hasn't this bag idea from the UK caught on in Israel?

This is an item from my consumer column from 2010 and I am wondering why such an idea has not caught on in Israel.

"A friend brought back from the UK an interesting small plastic bag, presumably from a supermarket. It is very thin and on it is printed the following:

"The CO-OPERATIVE bag; designed to compost completely in the garden. Reuse this bag for shopping and to collect vegetable peelings. When worn out, put in your garden compost bin, or place in general waste. This bag turns into compost just like potato peelings. This bag is made from home compostable material.".

Has anyone any ideas on this for Israel? I understand that millions upon millions of small plastic bags are going into landfill everyday here".


How can we persuade companies and other businesses when giving phone numbers, email, and other addresses on messages over the phone to repeat this information. Not everyone comes to the phone with pen and paper and not everyone can write at the speed of speech (which today is very fast).

Holiday insurance: I have a question

I would like to refer you to two items that appeared in the last ESRA Magazine No. 193 which should be read by all, in particular those of you planning to go abroad. The first item is a reader's letter on page 12 regarding medical insurance and the second is an article by an insurance agent on page 36. I recommend reading these two items in the numerical order of the pages. I have a question for insurance agent Mark Joffe: What about those people who use the coverage that they have for free under their credit card? 



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