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 Wipe out! Now there are fewer in the packets

I use a lot of the packets of Wipes, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom.
Originally they were sold in packets of 80 and then the number per packet was reduced to 72.
This reduction is something you may notice with a lot of the products produced and sold here in Israel when the sale of them is very good.
The latest packets that I bought at Super-Pharm were by Life, with the name 'Kids' on them. They have two advantages: 
1) There is a small arrow in white showing where to open each time to remove a new wipe. 
2) Each wipe comes out separately and NOT connected to the next one. This has always been a nuisance as I have to put back the extra wipe that comes out each time.

Supermarket where the billing is always correct

My local shopping area includes the Shufersol, Mega and Yeinot Beitan and during the course of the month I usually visit all of these supermarkets. Whenever I am in Raanana, I endeavor to include Rami Levi in my shopping list, even though because of the size of the store, it demands more time. One of my reasons is that not only are the prices much cheaper on many of the goods and foodstuffs that I buy, but, also there is the fact that I have never found an error in the billing at the cash counter. In all the few years that I have purchased at Rami Levi, the only difference between what was written on the product or on the pricing of the goods on the shelf was a one-day special surprise reduction. At all of the other stores, I am constantly having to check and double check my bill against what I am being charged by the computer and what is written on the product or on the price on the counter. This always takes a long time, as it often means that the cashier or someone else has to go and check what is written against the product itself. I have had differences of more than 15% on a bill.


Just wondering: How many people in Israel receive a daily and or weekly newspaper whether in English, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian etc. How many of these newspapers are thrown for recycling into the blue containers or just in the rubbish bin. As I said, just wondering.

Newspaper subscriber misses out on pensioner discount

"A friend of mine, Brenda Kron, recently discovered something about her subscription to the New York Times which includes Haaretz in English. It appears that as a pensioner from the age of 60, one can receive a 20% discount on a subscription to this newspaper. This is a fact that the subscription department of this newspaper does not automatically let you know about. In Brenda's case it has cost her more than NIS 8,000 over the years because they omitted to tell her this important fact."

Firms may ask for your mobile number – but you don't have to give it them

Companies ask for mobile numbers for three reasons:
1. You may be reached anywhere.
2. in case the call disconnects.
3. for their database.
Today many Israelis only have mobile service, deeming landlines expensive and obsolete. You DON'T have to give it; just stonewall or say you don't have one. I used to reply: "Why? I'm not married to my mobile!"
Siri Jones – Rosen, Eilat

Now you tell us

If you have any consumer topics you'd like to share with us, send them to: Naomi Ariel, ConsumerWatch, ESRA, PO Box 3132, Herzliya 4613002 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with 'Consumer story' on the subject line. Please do not send lists from the Internet.



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