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Why, as a driver, am I also expected to be clairvoyant as to the intentions of the driver of the car directly in front of me, especially when he/she is driving at a speed above 40 km per hour? Without using the winkers, the driver can turn suddenly to the right or left, when he sees a possible parking space, or apparently just remembers that he should take the turning to the right or left. Further, when driving at a speed of above 90 km on a main road, with no turnings to the right or left and the car in front of me unexpectedly starts to slow down, I apparently should have known that he/she is having a serious conversation on the phone!


If you will be travelling to London in the near future, then this may be of interest to you. I searched on the Internet for information on this travel card and noted what I found. I purchased such a card and very quickly used up its contents. When I added money to the card, I was advised to buy a Season Ticket Oyster Card for either 7 days or one month which would give me unlimited free travel in Zones 1 & 2 of London on both bus and Underground. 

Any time I went outside these zones, all I needed to do was add an extra payment (top-up) of a pound and a half sterling. However, none of this information was available on the Internet. In fact, I am learning that you have to be very careful about information on the Internet, as there is no date as to when material is put out on the net. This happened also in relation to the ON/OFF buses. I spent two hours planning where to get OFF and go ON different colored routes of one of these bus companies, only to find when I got to London that the company no longer existed!


Most foods can be frozen either in plastic containers, or cling wrap, plastic bags and silver foil. Some foods need to be packed air-tight, others, especially liquids, need a centimeter or two of air space for the frost that forms on top.


People have been complaining recently of having their car towed away in town when they were parked next to a gray colored curb. Before assuming that this allows free parking, it is also necessary to ascertain whether BEFORE the beginning of this gray area, there is no sign whatsoever regarding parking.


I find myself using the microwave more and more nowadays. I know there are many who will not agree with me. However, for those who do, and will be on the market for a microwave, I suggest the following:

When you go to buy a microwave, take with you the largest size dish you will be using in your microwave, or at least take with you the necessary measurements, allowing for an extra couple of centimeters. And if you can afford it and have the space, buy a second microwave. This was the best thing I have done recently – it saves me time and effort. We are only two at home, most of the time, and I can place all the different items on each plate and heat them at the same time. This leaves me with less washing up, as I do not have to heat every item separately in a saucepan.

Here is a further lesson I learned from a good friend when she has the family over for dinner: Plan the menu so that most of the main dishes can be reheated at the same time in your oven. A little while before actually serving the meal, put the oven on a low heat so that you can serve the meal at your convenience. Thank you, Marilyn Ronen. 



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Monday, 04 March 2024

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