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Liquid Paraffin (Image Wiki Commons)


We use a lot of Liquid Paraffin (mineral oil) at home, not only as a medicine but also on our aluminum blinds and other items. I have been buying bottles of 100gm at NIS17 and only much later found that both Maccabi and Super-Pharm sell 200gm bottles at NIS26. Recently, when I asked for two such bottles, I was told by Maccabi that they have also liter containers at NIS46. Calculate 10 x NIS17 equals…

Electric Bicycles

I understand that as of July 1st , 2019 a new law has come into force demanding that all riders of electric bicycles have to pass a theoretical test and only now I have become aware that they should not be riding on the pavement. Thank goodness for that. I hope it also means that they can no longer be riding on the pedestrian passage way for crossing a road. So often, when I am driving there is no one on this pathway or standing at the side of the road, and suddenly an electric bicycle that was quite a long way away comes riding and turning without stopping and crossing directly onto this pedestrian way in front of me.

Further, I question about the Compulsory Insurance coverage that all vehicles on the road should have in the case of accidents.

Just wondering how long it is going to take before the "powers that be" remove the electric scooters from ALL our roads, main ones and side streets. I know they are a very convenient method of transport, but driving behind one of these vehicles on a busy road with buses, vans and cars also coming in the opposite direction seems to me to be inviting an accident. And here again I ask if a scooter causes an accident with a passerby, who covers the costs involved i.e. similar to compulsory insurance for cars?

BITUACH LEUMI – National Insurance

Did you know that the National Insurance has telephone numbers for asking questions? The numbers are 02 646 3400 and *9696. They have volunteers answering questions to the best of their ability. As far as I know this is only in Hebrew, but still very helpful.


We received with our daily Yediot Acharonot newspaper a very nice colorful brochure from Hamashbir Lezarchan. Seeing in it something I was interested in buying, I looked for a telephone number to check for the closest branch and to check that they had what I wanted in my size. Guess what – I searched three times in the whole 15 sheets (30 pages) and did not find a single telephone number.


We use and eat a lot of yellow cheese at home and I am often amazed at the difference in pricing of the same cheese when sliced and prepacked or bought sliced by specific weight. Many times this amounts to almost as much as 40% or more.

Letter from Reader

I received this letter and am passing it on to you. This is also what I do, in particular with the ice cream containers. I like the idea for using those magnets.

Dear Naomi,

Good for you, reminding people to put almost all plastics in recycling bins. A quick but reasonably thorough rinse of cottage and white cheese containers is all I do - no need to be clean enough to reuse at home.

Have you thought of suggesting that instead of chucking polybags in recycling containers, people keep them and reuse as many times as possible? I take my used bags with me to greengrocer and supermarket, thus reusing them countless times. I also save the label with my address the greengrocer attaches to the box for delivery. It saves him time writing a new one each time and saves just a tiny bit of paper. Every little bit helps. As for new polybags (we all need them), make sure they are the biodegradable ones, especially the frequently used sandwich size.

Here's another suggestion: – Reuse those magnets we all receive in our letter boxes for pizza, plumbers, etc. rather than to chuck them in the bin. Give them to a kindergarten for the children to cover and make their own gift magnets.

    Keep up your excellent column.


    Jenny Cole

    Kfar Saba



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    Friday, 21 June 2024

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