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Challenges of Living a Long Life

Increasing longevity has contributed to unprecedented global economic growth and wonderful opportunities for personal fulfillment. The gift of more years, due to advances in sciences, sanitation and safety, may be the most momentous accomplishment in human history. But, as remarkable as this progress has been, there is more change to come.
While longer lives mean exciting possibilities for individuals, families and societies, increasing longevity will also bring great challenges – from financial insecurity and disease to intensifying strains on social and financial safety nets and health-care systems.
Today's older adults are generally healthier and more vibrant than those of generations past. They are changing retirement norms as they seek to learn, work and contribute. They are driving growth and opportunity in innovative ventures and bolstering economic vitality as creators and consumers. In workplaces and classrooms, their guidance and beneficial support enhance
performance and intergenerational collaboration. In encore careers, volunteering and civic and social settings, their balance and problem-solving abilities contribute to society's well-being. They are the beneficiaries of continuing advances in health and technology that will change the aging experience.
But to realize the potential and value of the aging population, we must shift course and shape a future that's different from yesterday's model. We envision a future that advances public health, creates age-friendly homes and communities, enables and encourages lifelong learning, work and entrepreneurship, and promotes purposeful engagement and volunteerism. It's a future that speeds the development of empowering technologies, social networks and accessible transit systems, and builds a vibrant longevity economy to increase access and opportunity for the current generation of older adults as well as generations to come. 


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Sunday, 03 March 2024

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