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Readers' Letters 213

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Pesach cover of ESRA Magazine 212

What a glorious cover.

Pnina Kass

The cover is lovely, appropriate and elegantly colorful. Good choice.

Judy Shapiro
Hod Hasharon

I have just received the Pesach Magazine edition and wish to compliment you on the fabulous cover. It is so special. The magazine itself gets more and more interesting each time.

Ingrid Barzel

Beer Sheva 

Handwritten headlines

Times have changed as I find extreme difficulty trying to decipher the handwritten headline to the article, especially issue #212/April article by Pamela Peled, page 20. I still have not been able to make out the word between MAKING and MOMENTS! May I suggest you revert to the old fashioned way of using print.

Gordon Bloch,

Maia Aron did a wonderful job

I'd like to thank you very much for featuring my artwork in the recent Passover edition of the ESRA Magazine. Maia Aron did a wonderful job of explaining my artistic process and describing my paintings to the viewer. Since my work is a visual language, Maia beautifully expressed thoughts and ideas that I was unable to articulate in words. Many readers commented to me that they appreciated Maia's writing. They said, "her article was so poetic," "perceptive", expressive", she "really saw you" and "she understood your essence." It was a true pleasure to meet her and discuss my work.

Thank you for giving artists a forum to show our work in your magazine.

Leah Raab

Independence Day celebrations

We can dispense with fireworks and ceremonies as we have dispensed with folk-dancing in the streets, but the Independence Day fly-by is indispensable. To see first-hand the incredible machines, to hear the thunder of their engines, is a moving experience.

More important still: it reminds us that guiding those machines, riding that thunder, are people on land, on and in the sea, and in the air who dedicate their lives – and sometimes lose them – to keep us all, our children and our children's children safe from harm. To whom we owe thanks every day of our lives. God Bless them every one. Numbers 6:24-26: "The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace."

Siri Jones-Rosen

I look forward to an "A" rather than an "E"

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to give ESRA Magazine an "A" for accuracy rather than an "E" for effort?

Take for example, the article entitled "Our Summer Wine Tour - Wineries South of the Galilee." Given that the authors are described as being new olim, why didn't the learned editorial committee check some very basic geographical facts? Israel consists of several geographic areas, the Galilee being just one of them. All the wineries mentioned in the article are in fact in the Lower Galilee. "South of the Galilee" is not a recognized geographic area and could include many other areas where wine is grown, reaching as far south as the Negev.

The article "How to Get Ahead in Israel" - parts of the text appear to have been copied from a Facebook page - no editing, no adapting the text - simply copy paste: "Let me begin with an especially warm welcome to the many new members of Israel 101." Here, I was thinking that I was reading an article in ESRA Magazine and not someone's Facebook page.

Several items in this article, also, were outdated or incomplete: Bit Payments, for example, - no mention is made of the charges. "My visit is specifically for visits to government offices (not just "various offices")." Post Office – "appointments have to be booked and are required everywhere (not as mentioned "can also be booked")." Google translate can be a veritable minefield. There are other delivery services apart from Wolt (which has received negative publicity due to their high fees), etc.

It's time to check your facts before publishing.

Last but not least, please find another title for your "Consumer Watch" column. A recipe, a bath towel turban, a report about barn owls, a calling card file (who in this day and age uses a "calling card" - a business card certainly, but no one goes "calling" these days), and placing flannel sheets under regular sheets, are nothing but a random collection of items with questionable relevancy, have nothing to do with each other, and nothing whatsoever to do with the title "Consumer Watch".

I look forward to being able to award an "A" to your next magazine.

Debrah Marcus
Tel Aviv

Scholarship boosts me as a soldier-student

I wanted to say thank you, ESRA Welfare Fund.

Thank you so much for the scholarship assistance, which is not just academic assistance. I am at the end of the third year of the degree, in its last and busy months, I am about to enlist in the army and have long military service as a soldier-student and most importantly my wife is due to give birth to our first child this summer.

Assistance like yours is very supportive and makes me very happy for all the changes that are coming to me, giving another little boost in the path I go.

So thank you again and continue to do and help in your mission to all who need you.

Nevo C.
Beit Shemesh 



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