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Barren branches in reflection

on an icy pond

Mirroring my wintry mood.


Hear, hear.

There may be more here

than meets the ear.

But it's too soon to say

what may be belated here.

On Moriah

Nowadays on Mount Moriah

there is myrtle more than myrrh.

Nor is there other incense here

even on these Nowadays of Awe.


Sharon rose grows here

amid these married rows of rosemary around us.

These Sharon florals first grown

here on grounds we own,

afterward they may be fastened fast to any other gown

along with already broken wedding vows

and later on bespoken married woes.

They open us opposed to oaths of super-sappy prose

such as those that close with claims they lived happy

ever after. 

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Saturday, 30 September 2023

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